Student Group Funding

Funding Sources for Student Groups

1. Student Council.

Funds from student council are allocated to student groups and individual class funds. The Student Council treasurer decides how much money to give each student group that applies for funding, mostly based on whether they are an established group or a new group. Groups are encouraged to spend all of the money awarded to them by Student Council, as this money just disappears if not spent (i.e. does not roll over into subsequent years, etc.).

To use Student Council funds, the group must be registered with Student Unions & Activities (SUA, see below).

Please review Purchasing for Student Organizations before make any purchases with student council funds.  

Applications for Student Council funding can be submitted online:


2. Professional Student Government

Awards from Professional Student Government (PSG) are exclusively available to student groups from professional schools (dental, law, public health, etc.). Information about these grants can be found at

Deadlines for these grants are done on a rolling basis, based on when the next PSG Congress session is held. Grant applications must be submitted prior to the event and at least 14 days before the nearest session of PSG Congress for vote of approval. (Example: If the next Congress Session is Tuesday April 25, 2017, grant applications must be submitted by Tuesday April 11, 2017).


3. Student Union and Activities

Grants from Student Union and Activities (SUA) are typically a minor source of funding for med student groups. SUA grants are available to all registered University Student Groups. Deadlines for SUA grants are on a semester basis. For more information visit


Access to Student Council Funds and Reimbursement

All reimbursements are made through the student council treasurer and Rachel Rudeen (Student Affairs Office). Please apply for approval for usage of allocated funds via the link above (, allowing 2 weeks for processing time. Email with any questions or concerns.

The linked form will ask about:

    1) Event details: who, what, where, when, why

    2) How it benefits the university community

    3) How much funding is being requested and what it will be used towards

The Treasurer will respond with next steps for completing reimbursement. Please note that all receipts and paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of the purchase per University processing deadlines.

This reimbursement process is only required for groups using Student Council funds for their order/event. If groups have other sources of funding, such as PSG grants, the group will coordinate with PSG directly to access funds.

Any questions regarding student groups can be referred to the Student Organization Representative.