Clerkship Reviews

Reviews by students, for students

In-Person Clerkship Reviews

You can view the student-submitted reviews at this Clerkship Review document.

Organized alphabetically by course, use the index found on the left-hand side to find the rotation that's best for you. 

Virtual Clerkship Experiences

With our new and ever-changing learning environment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Virtual Clerkship Experiences document was created.

With details on expectations, resources, and other helpful information, the intent of the document is to ease any amount of uncertainty that lay ahead in the virtual learning environment. 

Form Submissions

Improvements will continuously be made to our educational environments. Because of this, we ask students to fill out a form after completion of each clerkship experience to track changes and keep the documents as up to date as possible.

Each form is filled out anonymously. Please provide informative, respectful feedback that your classmates will benefit from. 

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